We supply marquees and inflatable tents for festivals, all sorts of private events and many public events run by local councils.

We can also fit hard flooring and supply dance floors and staging.

Marquees are erected by ourselves to ensure your personal preferences and requirements are catered for.

We also supply furniture at very competitive rates.

We offer a range of flooring, lining, lighting and heating options for extra comfort in all weather conditions.

In addition to the marquees our services include:

  • Outdoor, grass protective hard flooring- over 350 m2. Great for outdoor dance floors
  • Table linen, from traditional to spandex and Indian styles
  • Indoor and outdoor LED lighting set ups
  • DJs and sound equipment
  • Party backdrops
  • Bean bag and cushion seating
  • Catering and equipment


Event Guide

In order to help you plan and run your event, we have put together a little guide to our marquees and optional extras at BK Marquee Hire


Our clearspan framed, white PVC marquees.

Made by a variety of manufacturers including Roder and Custom Covers, these have become the industry standard for clearspan marquees, with no internal poles allowing maximum usable space. Providing a year round option suitable for use in nearly all weather, these marquees are rated to withstand 60mph winds, much higher resistance than lightweight pole based options generally coming in around 25-30mph.

The standard heavy duty marquees we provide come in 3m, 6m, and 9m widths. Lengths starting in 3m sections, with 1.5m add ons available where required.
Maximum lengths available in each width are:
3x9m (27 m2) maximum capacity of 30 people seated, 45 standing
6x45m (270 m2) maximum capacity of 300 seated 450 standing
9x36m (324 m2) max 360 seated 540 standing

These can all come with windows, Georgian style included if requested, and full panoramic windows at £10.

They can also be fitted with clear roofs and gable end sections, perfect for letting the light in and making the most of any views.

We also have Pagoda style marquees in 6x6m with pointed roofs, perfect for garden events.

Clear domes and inflatable marquees

We also stock a range of dome and inflatable marquees.
Starting from a 3.6m geodesic dome suitable for 2 to 10 people, for close gatherings, family occasions or just adding a different area on the side of your marquee.
Next up is our 8m clear inflatable dome.
Finally a multi-functional stage cover style black inflatable marquee with clear roofs.

Both are designed so once they are set up, the pumps can be switched off, and the event run with as much of your own peace or noise as you wish.


All our marquees can be fitted with hard flooring, wood or plastic. Our recommended option is our event deck ultra flooring. This provides a very stable floor on a range of surfaces, with the added bonus of being able to protect the grass outside the marquee too for walkways. It is very resistant to moisture from the ground. Outside it allows rain to pass through it for a safe non slip surface and for water and light to feed the grass below.

We can lay our silver/black or grey striped matting, or new carpet of your choice. On hard standing surfaces we recommend laying hard flooring to ensure matting and carpet stay as dry as possible. On grass, surface runoff is less of an issue so a damp proof layer under flooring protects from ground moisture if you don't need a full hard floor.


Our clearspan marquees can all be lined in pleated ivory silks for special occasions adding style and another layer of insulation. We can also line them in starlight roofs or blackout cloth for dark screenings. Part black, part ivory is a popular choice to section things off. Great for parties with dance floor areas. Coloured and themed wall linings are also available.

We can also line halls when roof dimensions are similar, or just to line the walls for special occasions.
We aim to make it easy for clients to decorate their marquees so let us know what you have in mind and how we can help with hanging things. This helps us make sure no tapes are stuck to the marquees due to the amount of mess they can leave and damage to the materials in removing.

We also have a range of new decorative LED white/coloured lighting, along with barrel weights planted with ornamental trees.



Our marquees can be lit with a variety of lighting options. Mini chandeliers on dimmers or white/coloured strip lights for the basic options. Then a choice of atmospheric uplighting and floodlights, festoons, paper lanterns, fairy lights, colour changing LED strips, spotlights on mirror balls, large colour changing ball lanterns, disco lights and lasers etc, most of which controlled via remote and many suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Securing marquees

In order to be secured they are staked to a depth of 80cm, but sometimes this is not possible due to unsuitable surfaces or underground utilities. Where this is not possible we can provide a service fitting small bolt anchors into concrete, flush to the ground and capped with a little plug to allow unscrewing for ease of any future use. Where neither of these are possible we have a range of weighting options we can deliver to strap down too.

Marquees can be sited right up to and above patio doors on many occasions, but cannot be attached to the house. When they cannot sit close, we recommend using our roofed walkway to provide covered access.


Keeping Marquees Dry

The simplest method is laying hard flooring to keep the floors dry, but at cooler times of year small amounts of condensation can build up in any structure. This can be helped with by shutting doorways up where possible in bad weather, short running of heaters at night or in the morning, or opening the sides up in good weather to allow moisture to escape.



We currently stock 2x 15ftx15ft (approx 5x5m) parquet dance floors. These can be configured together in square or rectangular shapes up to 7x7m total with sloped edging. Any other type of dance floor, black and white, light up LED can be hired for you for special occasions.


We have an 8x16ft or 2.4x4.2m wooden stage platform suitable for small bands, plays and presentations. For bigger stages we work closely with a local Audio Visual company with many years of experience.



We provide a range of heating options, from hanging halogen and fan based electric heaters for small tents, all the way up to thermostatically controlled indirect diesel heaters which sit outside the marquee blowing in warm air through ducting.

Heater guide:

Silver Stanley gas fan heater. These are perfect for smaller tents with variable controls, and surprisingly powerful for their size rated to 16kw.
Suitable for 6m tents, can increase temperature by approximately 30 deg C in a 6x6m tent or 15 deg C in a 6x12m tent. Instructions for use are written on the side but for ease of use repeated here:

Starting heater
1. Open gas tap on bottle.
2. Switch on red fan button on rear of heater.
3. With the dial set to low, push it in and turn anticlockwise until it clicks and ignites then hold for 30 seconds.
4. Adjust heating level with dial, turning anticlockwise for higher output..

Turning heater off
1. Close gas tap on bottle.
2. Turn off red fan button.
3. Return Dial to low by turning clockwise.

Yellow Easy Heat 105 gas fan heater. These are powerful heaters rated up to 30kw, perfect for large spaces. Can increase temperature by approximately 30 degrees in a 6x12m or 9x9m marquee, or 15 degrees in a 6x24m or 9x18m marquee.

Starting heater
1. Open gas tap on bottle.
2. Switch on fan button on side of heater.
3. Hold in the gas button on the left hand side of the heater, then push in the ignition on the right hand side and hold for 30 seconds. This is not as necessary when starting the heater from warm.

Turning heater off
1. Close gas tap on bottle.
2. Switch off fan button on side of heater.

Red Arcotherm EC32 indirect diesel heater. This is the heater of choice for all occasions. Controlled from a thermostat hanging inside the marquee, it sits outside, saving space and blowing in warm air through a duct. Rated to 28kw, they can increase temperature by approximately 30 degrees in a 6x12m or 9x9m marquee, or 15 degrees in a 6x24m or 9x18m marquee.

Starting heater
1. Turn thermostat to required temperature.

Once it is running the heater will cut out when it reaches the desired temperature, then monitor and restart itself when required.

Turning off heater
1 Turn the thermostat down to zero.

The heating will stop but the fan will run for a short while to cool down.